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If you are new to the concept of energy healing you might like to read Where Science Meets Spirituality >>>
Densities, Sub-personalities, Energy Systems, Self Created "Fear Lords"

A deeply transformative experience of self!



* Automic Transformation [©]: subatomic, automated, automatic, self directed transformation in the quantum field, or creation matrix.

Garbage Out! Good Stuff In!

Personal Transformation


  • Direct Communication
    In session I am an open channel for direct & transformative communication from your Expanded Self and the Conscious Communicating Absolute.
    In session I AM the synthesis of your/my/our Individual and Connective Multidimensional Consciousness.
    We are all that is and all that is is Embracement.


  • Automic Light, Sound and Energy Healing 
    for body, mind, soul and spirit.
    Automated, automatic, self directive, subatomic, transformation in the quantum field.


  • Conscious Counselling
    Psychic Intuitive exploration and resolution of issues created in this and other  lifetimes and realities. We carry and are affected by all our experiences in our bodies and our psyches.


  • Soul Singing
    Singing the Soul Home: Soul Reclamation, Reconstruction
    , and Rebraiding


  • Metagetics
    Psycho-Spiritual Kinesiology
    meets Divine Intervention
    Physical Integrity Beyond Biology.


  • Kundalini, Enlightenment & Transpersonal States
    Spiritual Emergence and Emergency.
    Spiritual Crisis
    Empowered Enlightenment


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*Automic Transformation

I found it a short step from traditionally accepted healing methods to launching into what I dubbed "Metagetics", which has evolved into a very effective system of instantaneous Automic Transformation  - of "deprogramming" and "reprogramming" and deconstruction and reconstruction based on the Absolute movement of energy in the quantum field, initiated by intent and allowing, which brings whole systems very quickly and effectively into harmonic resonance with the highest good and most beneficial expression.  The universe is holographic, and we are energetic expressions of multidimensional living consciousness in it. The metagetic system is effective through gene lines, holographic time and space, other lives, and alternative realms, realities, dimensions and beyond.
Any healer is only as effective as they are good at getting out of the way by being unattached to outcome...

I started to play deeply and [unseriously] joyfully  in the world of light, energy and and resonant frequencies for "healing" and self transformation.
As the work has developed, so have I...
I am now in conscious connection with many aspects of personal and collective "higher states of awareness" and express these through the transduction of
frequency and light codes, and the use of sound, resonance and light language to expand our connections with the Absolute...

Some of our experiential states are "god given" and Transpersonal and it lies in the hands of Divine Intervention to transmute the energies held in them, and so in us. Others are created by us, personally and collectively on the existential human level - and as such only we can  unravel them, as humans being. It's only in knowing the difference that we know where to seek and how to receive redemption...

By the grace of the energy we are now accessing the Expanded Metagetic System is now available to everyone by way of the Wondrous Metagetic Gateway. This is a very exciting evolutionary energy breakthrough!



Only true personal empowerment and sovereignty brings us joy, presence, clarity and wellbeing.

We can never change another person, only ourselves… and when we change ourselves others change in response to us… and so our world changes...

As each one grows in joyful living through positive personal transformation everyone benefits. We change the whole world through our collective connection. When critical mass is reached we see the change.

One awakened, an aligned person has more influential on mass consciousness than millions of “sleeping” ones. So when we expand in consciousness and wellbeing we serve the world in the most beneficial, effective, direct way possible!

The most spiritual, beneficial thing you can do in the world today, personally and socially, is to become whole… to live as a in joyful, spontaneous, creative human at play.


New Potentials

Perhaps you already think of yourself as a
lightworker, or perhaps you feel you are newly awakening and are looking for ways to open further into self realisation and awareness. Perhaps you already know that you are moving forward on the leading edge of consciousness and that you carry a template for evolutionary change. Perhaps you feel new purpose and vision unfolding...
If you know that there are greater changes for you to make in your fields of consciousness and you want to be clearer in this New Knowing, and you are feeling drawn to open ever more fully into the New Energy and New Being, and to awaken faster into New Aspects and your New Body, then you will love this work and a session will benefit you greatly.
You are being invited by your Whole Being to open into Sovereignty and to be Universally acknowledged and applauded as an Individuated Being coming into joy-full Connective Consciousness.
Through our vision of our desired future, personally and communally, and in our growing ability to embody the frequencies that open that future and to resonate fully with it, we become the template for the new world...

Please go to  Shely for more about this work >>>

For Session costs and details please go to Contact Sessions


Wondrous Transformation & Energy Integration Sessions

The Power of Joy

Do you want to release aches and pains in your body, heart, mind and spirit?

Are you ready to feel your being expand and celebrate?

Is it your time to sing?  


Good Stuff In, Garbage Out!

The "human" aspect is limited in it's capacity to "contain" itself - to be limited.

To improve conditions in our lives we generally "clear" out our "garbage" to let more "good stuff" in.
Or we can call forth enough good stuff to force the old stuff out, for example by thinking more "positively".
It's a bit like using the garbage bin or a high pressure hose where appropriate... 
A personal transformation session does the same thing in an exponentially expanded and concentrated manner.

During these sessions I commune directly with your soul - intuitively, psychically and  spiritually - on may levels and in many aspects through sound and energy, while we "open" the resonances needed to bring you into absolute harmony with your  Essential Soul Expression, at the highest level you can attain and hold in this physical embodiment at this point in time. [Consciousness constantly expands as you intend it to.] The shift will be apparent and is ongoing as long as long as you  "weed your garden". The process is healing in all ways. The energy is apparent as you experience it, and information and profound insights come through sound, song, energetic and spoken word "tellings" and stories. The mind, body and soul are informed through your Essence.

People are fields of vibrating energy. Transformation, or "healing", is simply the bringing of harmonic resonance to our vibration. It is the process of moving beyond resistance. When we suppress our emotions, when we don't acknowledge or express them, we impede the flow of energy in our system: we resist them.  Layer upon layer this "energy" builds up until it begins to "condense". When the vibration becomes slow enough, we experience "emotional blocks"; when the patches in our fields are dense enough, they come into the physical and we become sick or sore - we manifest illness or dis-ease. Our non-beneficial thought habits and emotional patterns are like corrupt files in your computer - for even basic good function they need to be upgraded, updated and replaced where necessary.

Light energy transformation [also sometimes called "spiritual or intuitive healing"] integrates, or clears, densities and "blocks" by bringing in new higher vibrations . It feels like "Garbage out; good stuff in!" Areas of condensed energy are brought back into flow. Harmonic resonance is created in the aura and energy  bodies [physical as well as etheric, through the use of sound and light and energy vibration.

We are multidimensional beings and hold onto "old" and non-beneficial "energies", experiences and beliefs in a multitude of creations. All this can be released. All this must be embraced and brought back into alignment, as the love it really is, so that we can step up and move on.

The experience is gentle, powerful and transforming. Joy, expansion, flow and connection are  felt both during and after a session, which can be for healing or for spiritual expansion [same thing really!]. Your shift is gentle and easy, intense and powerful at the same time, and generally takes a few weeks to fully integrate.


Soul Reading and Disentanglement:
all the “left over” stuff from the Soul’s journey, all the “not yet done” stuff, is now ready to be let go of entirely, personally and collectively. We are ready for Graduation, even if our thesis is not quite finished, because it’s all redundant NOW. It’s as if a mirror is held for you so that you can see what still needs to be experienced to complete your “old reality” self’s journey. Our original "blueprints" are ready to be energetically and experientially upgraded. We are now working to clear the original "split": the rift on which we base our deepest fears and illusions. Our demons are ready to return to love. When you can feel your stuff, when you're conscious of it, when you can see and feel it, you're ready to release it. Your feelings and emotions are your guides as to what you need to integrate next... they are your indicators of resistance or flow... of  pain or joy...

As our internal rifts are healed  - when we no longer create discomfort by holding ourselves in separation from what it is that we resist - we step more fully into our Selves as Sovereign Humans, and into our personal New Reality... and so we manifest Clarity ever more fully in every aspect of our lives...  

Common responses after a session are

I feel much lighter.

I feel whole and complete, as if there’s nothing left for me to do.

I feel great ease and that I trust completely; I feel fully supported and that everything is perfect.

Wow! That was incredible. I feel wonderful!

I would not have believed it if I hadn't experienced it. [Sceptic!]

More Testimonials >>>



Where Science Meets Spirituality... >>>>

Connective Light & Sound Energy Sessions  

are metaphysical  experiences that take place in a graceful state of mindlessness, in the realm where matter meets mysticism - where energy becomes conscious. In deep states between waking and sleeping - in hypnotic-type deep states of brain rest where healing is most effective. It is here that we access and interface in the quantum field. This 'unified field' is described by metaphysicians, many quantum scientists and some theologians, as the creative aspect of Source: the "GodMind". It is the field in which we all exist: the infinite field of consciousness.  

The soul sings in these realms!  This is where effective and permanent healing takes place -  at the subatomic level in our DNA.

The Universe is holographic and, when appropriate light and sound frequencies are received into out physical and energy bodies, we have the ability to affect positive change in all our creations – past, present, future, genetic and multidimensional, and in all aspects of our being.

My gift is making these frequencies available, as light, sound and vibration, for your benefit and enjoyment, and for healing and soul evolution, as we bring human experience into more harmonious and pleasing expression. Healing and personal transformation take place in the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies, in the earthly and in the inter-dimensional aspects of the Self.

And where it helps us to be mindful of emotional  and personality challenges we consciously acknowledge integrate and embrace  issues - we transmute them.


Metagetic Psycho-spiritual Kinesiology

METAGETICs is a specific metaphysical system based on intent activated remote healing that I have developed over many years. It allows uniquely super fast clearing of restrictions and energy blocks. Metagetics is based on an in depth understanding of human energy systems. 

Traditional kinesiology addresses issues in the in the personal energy field in and around the body.
does this as well as being a complete system of deconstruction and reconstruction that addresses the conditions that create the issues at level of consciousness we live with.   It activates through every level, aspect and dimension of experience and consciousness: personal, genetic and collective; past, present and future. It creates an interface in the collective experience, and so releases all "karma" and its effects, personal, familial and collective. We are at the point of change where we are collectively moving, one at a time at present, into a new reality where all that has gone before is redundant in all but it's most beneficial aspects. It is time to move Beyond all that has inhibited or restrained us in the past and many of us are feeling the urgency in the knowing that it is time to move up; time to integrate  ALL, NOW!

As Metagetics unblocks bound energy into flow, it clears the "hooks", issues, expectations, beliefs, suppressed feelings, destructive patterns, entropies etc, that draw unwanted conditions to us.  As false and non-beneficial beliefs, fears and feeling states & creations are released and transmuted, positive attitudes, thought patterns and perceptions predominate, facilitating deep and permanent healing. And we heal the whole of humanity as we heal ourselves individually, raising our vibration and moving into ever expanding states of appreciation and love.

Metagetics also provides feedback as to what areas of the physical process needs attention, and allows adjustments to be made in the electro-magnetic & metabolic processes of physical body. Allergies, toxins, "stored" electromagnetic radiation, geopathic stress, phobias, sub-personalities, intrusions such as candida etc are identified and removed. 

This truly is an unique system of energy clearing and personal transformation, and neither myself or anyone else I have ever worked with has yet  found an equivalent.  It is amazingly fast, comprehensive and effective. 


Geopathic & Electromagnetic Stress issues are resolved during a session


The Experience

During Light Energy sessions, whether the intent is to heal or expand consciousness, the brainwaves slow from waking Alpha through Beta, Delta and Theta states.

The experience is interpreted variously according to our individual perceptions.

Most people report physical sensations that are usually very enjoyable and sometimes quite intense: heat, cool, pulling, prickling in the third eye, crown charkas and skull, tingling; waves of pleasure…floating…deep states of relaxation…bliss…joy… connection to multidimensional aspects...past lives….integration of more evolved aspects.

Many people report seeing colours, light, angels or other etheric beings, and sometimes visions or “movies” or particular import… inter-dimensional or galactic experiences… sometimes messages or other information is given…

What you receive is always tailored especially for you, by your evolved consciousness, and in absolute service of your individual highest good.

Every experience is absolutely unique to you, and the very least you will experience are deep and profound states of relaxation and joy as you connect more fully to your expanded self. This experience in itself is one of deep healing.


Guaranteed results!

We will work to completion. If you are not aware of feeling lighter and more expanded at the end of the session I will not accept payment.

I also offer complimentary follow up within a reasonable period if you feel you are experiencing loose ends, or have begun blocking the results.  


Please see the page about me for a bit more about how Metagetics evolved.
Testimonials will give you some idea of how effective this system is.

Densities feel like experiences in other realms. They can feel mythic or archetypal in subject and proportion. They often involve apparently unresolvable contradictions, paradoxes and conundrums. They contribute to the basic underlying issues that surface and get played out over and our in our lives. They are like foundational themes that colour our whole experience and the conditions of our existence. Whether we love or loathe an experience we base underlying core beliefs, attitudes and perceptions on it. We are stuck in it and feel trapped by it.
When the energy held in a “density” is released, we experience a profound experiential shift.
This intense “before and after” realisation opens us to a new freedom and self actualisation.
For case studies and more on densities and how they affect us,  us please go to Densities >>>>


We all have them! Until we integrate them that is!

It's time to identify them, weed them out and let them go....

They are subliminal personality constructs that we develop in childhood as survival and defence mechanisms. They show up as involuntary, reactive behaviour patterns which are no longer beneficial to us. They may have helped us to survive when we were children, but they are always past beneficial adults. They are usually archetypal in nature, eg, the critic, the mother, the orphan, the clown, the judge, the saviour, the martyr, the lost one, etc.

We create them as children by internalising the behaviour and demands of those around us on whom our survival depends; we create these roles to protect ourselves from interference or disapproval or punishment; they serve us by keeping us safe. As adults they contain our energy, stunt our growth and inhibit our relationships with ourselves and others. During sessions they are identified and integrated.  Go Back <<<<<


Energy Systems


These are energetic entanglements that feel like being completely bound up: wrapped like a mummy in a fine bindings like a spiders cocoon. Remember the scene in Lord of the Rings where Frodo was encased by the spider? The experience is like being trapped, limited, encased, bound, and locked in an old energy that's solidified over years and lifetimes. They are like the outmoded bindings of repetition and old energy habits and patterns that have caused energetic entropy. Return <<<<<


Self Created Fear Lords & Other "Entities"


They are all us... our fear, separation and illusions create them from within, and draw them to us.
They are the psychic embodiments of  individuated, activated thought forms: created and fed by
fear, loss and separation.
They are the demons of our souls.

Only that which is beyond, before and above love can love them into uncreation, returning them to that which is only love - That Which We Are.

Entities are as real as we are. "Realities" intersect. Worlds reflect each other. The good, the bad and the in between exist in every dimension...

There are many varieties of non-beneficial "entities", some much more disturbing than others, but one of the most common and hardest to locate and shift are self created lords of fear and entropy. These evolve through lifetimes of repeated resistance and negative experience. They are created out of our desire not to experience or feel any more pain. Their job, and they do it very well, is to keep us safe. They believe they are on our side and that our ongoing survival depends on them. They keep us safe by limiting our experiences and our self expression. They use fear in a closed loop feedback system to control us and to keep us "safe": they feed on our fear and magnify it in us to keep us contained. [Their social counterparts are insurance companies! Everything has a mirror: what is on the inside is reflected in what is on the outside... the Universe is holographic; the macrocosm mirrors the microcosm]

Only problem is that in the process of making us completely safe is that they progressively shut us down, which cuts us off from our life force; our "flow". This debilitation makes us old, scared, sick will eventually kill us. These "dark lords" prefer to kill us by shutting us down from the inside rather that risking expose us to the possibility of being killed by something on the outside on the basis that it's less painful! They travel with us from lifetime to life time, so they have nothing to lose and more strength to gain.

They use energy systems in the process - swaddling us in layers and layers of fear. They are very hard to locate in the system unless you have developed expertise in finding them. These "fear lords" are among the hardest entities to pin down and remove because as an intrinsic part of our make up, they don't stand out as "not us", and they are  masters of camouflage and disguise who know the terrain - they helped make it!





Glossary of Healing Terms

A Light Conduit 

transmits a broad band of frequencies as light, energy, sound, mathematical codes and “sacred geometries”. This can be interpreted as a direct streaming or connection to Source/ God / Life Force; or as photons, light, liquid light, or the “high vibrations” of the morphogenetic or Unified Field.

A channel transmits energy or information from interdimensional beings, and the information is as clear as the channel and the level of consciousness that is being channelled. Like radio transmissions, the quality depends on the DJ and the power of the receiver.

A conduit is a like a transducer – adding nothing and taking nothing away. The information is clear, coming directly, unfiltered and uncoloured, from Source. There is no personality, only frequency.

Go Back <<<<< 

Light Healing & METAGETICS 

provides a systematic, holistic approach to healing that allows change to occur by repatterning & aligning the energetic bodies, removing blockages, intrusions and obstructions, and recoding the DNA by interceding at the electromagnetic and cellular levels. The system is realigned for optimal functioning on all levels, and in all aspects, dimensions and Beyond (at which point we enter the sphere of the multi-verses, pre-Earth timelines & Collective Creation).
At this level of healing we enter the realm of creation itself and come into full Mastery of our own destiny

Light & Energy Bodies 

Our light and energy bodies reflect our multi-dimensionalised consciousness in matter. They hold the individual expression of the light and sound waves formulate our "soul personality"

As experience accumulates in multi dimensional realities, and we descend into the density of matter, the thoughts that define and colour our perceptions build up as prisms on the creation matrix to become the form and thought form s that define and describe our 3D reality and experience. This is a collective as well as a personal creation, and the two are interlinked.

Many of these thought forms, or accumulations, no longer serve us. Over eons they have become deep patterns in our energy fields, and are recorded in our DNA [the matrix blueprint]. They are limiting expressions of personal & collective consciousness and "karma", distorted belief systems, fears and limitation.

During a Transcend session these non-beneficial accumulations in the personal & collective energy fields are cleared from the grids of all light & energy bodies that compose a multidimensional consciousness.


The Creation Matrix 

is the interface between pre-matter consciousness and the unified field [subatomic matter  expressing us as the thought forms  of the consciousness that creates us ]. It is the diamond pyramid shaped grid complex that forms the basis for manifest consciousness in this experiential universe - it is the collective morphogenetic field. We are "described" on this grid. See Lightbodies.

The matrix itself has sustained damage and distortions over time. Occasionally there are also holes - bits actually missing in the  field - so that some aspects of experience and consciousness that were the original intent [blueprint] cannot be had. This can now be repaired.

Our personal & collective creation grids were originally intended to interface intimately and fully with the Unified Field - these connections have also been affected by eons of earth trauma, interference, explosions, implosions etc. We are now also able to correct these distortions.

This is personal grid work complimenting planetary light-grid work - it will eventually bring us all into full energetic coherence with the planet, in readiness for "ascension" - or New Being. As with all energy work that reconnects us with the Original Intent, when critical mass is reached, the whole collective benefits.

The Creation Matrix looks like a Kabala [Tree of Life] grid in three dimensions. It is also sometimes referred to as the Diamond Light Grid, Consciousness Grid, LightGrid, Kathara Grid etc 

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