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Shely Ourana

I am



I Am That I  Am I Am

We Are That We Are

I Am, You Are, We Are...


Te Roku Manu
The Centre of Light




The Still Heart at the Centre of All Things

Transformational Soul Singer
"Cosmic Garbologist"
Conduit Channel 
Messenger and Master Healer

One in aspect with
The Awakened Ones
 Star Elders







Update from Broome, WA. 2011


I am currently based in Broome, in The Kimberley in north west Western Australia...

I spent the last wet season [December to June] in Cairns and loved it.

Since then I've travelled across the Far North of Australia, in my trusty 4WD Delica Van, on some of the most remote unsealed roads in the north. I've seen amazing places, spent time with the most wonderful people, experienced incredible Aboriginal rock art , including Wanjinas & gyorn gyorn painting, been "horned" by a rogue scrub bull and driven 200kms to the nearest remote nurse!

And loved every minute of all of it!

I've been living here since December 2010...

Until early this 2009 I was living in the Gold Coast Hinterland [Mount Tamborine and Gilston] and saw locals and people who travelled from Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Northern New South Wales. My son is still there at Griffith University.

I'll be based in Broome for the next couple of years and will be doing sessions here and as usual by personal sessions, by phone and remotely.

I will also be teaching classes this year & intent [!] to begin writing a book / manual.


May 2009
After 4 years in Sydney, 3 & 1/2 years living at Mount Tamborine, Queensland, Australia, and 12 months down the road at pastoral, much
WARMER [which pleased me greatly] Gilston, I have up stumps and am making for Darwin! [Please see Contact/Sessions page]

Having settled my son in student accommodation at Griffith Uni, I am not in a hurry to arrive anywhere and am letting the energy and my inclination direct my route and timetable.

I am quite happy to continue doing phone sessions, so please contact me if you have the inclination.

I'm also collecting friends of friends along the Queensland Coast, across the Top End and in Darwin,
so please let me know if you have any sociable ones there!


Being very "down to earth" in my approach to all things "spiritual" I prefer to avoid outmoded and loaded terms wherever possible...

Everything is spiritual! ... and We Are All That!

I love spontaneity and play - to have fun, to laugh, talk, socialise, dance, drink champagne, and eat good food - especially when someone else cooks it! I love travelling in new places and looking out the window on road trips... energetically and physically... and the evolution of consciousness is definitely a road trip - and a calling to which I happily respond! I read murder mysteries for R&R and like movies which don't take themselves or the world too seriously. I love to dance to rock and roll...

I always encourage others to join me in breaking free of self imposed social and spiritual rules in the pursuit of fun, self knowledge, expansion, self expression, "truth" and freedom.

If you are stepping up, stepping out and stepping free you will love this work as much as I love doing it!

* See Wondrous Transformation for details of my work as a healer. 


I am a lightworker, soul speaker, energy conduit, channel and healer.

[For definitions of these term please see All About Energy
I am a Guardian & Light Bringer, working mainly in the area of Human Consciousness and Evolution, in individuals and in the collective. 

The consciousness I embody holds strong energetic and light language connections to many ancient and galactic emanations and often favours that which established the civilization that preceded the Egyptian/ Sumerian and Maori/Polynesian cultures. I conduit life force energies directly from Absolute Source, and I energetically channel a variety of aspects and benevolent light beings not otherwise embodied. These aspects of Expanded Self are highly evolved in consciousness: some are  "Ascended" beings from Earth in past ages; some are galactic in aspect and some have never been "embodied" at all as individual beings or personalities - they exist at the Creator level in this Universe and beyond. They are very powerful energy movers and healers from many dimensions and densities. All are aligned under the Absolute and bring great knowing, Connection and release.


I love the play of energy and expansion in "the Work"

Being in the energy and sharing the expanded consciousness is an Absolute delight and my passion is to share that with whoever is willing to step beyond the boundaries, which is what happens in sessions and in teaching. I love to instigate, respond to and experience the vastness & flow of the Energy, bringing Us All into clarity, flow & joy; into alignment with our Essential Selves. I love to "talk" & sing the energy at a personal transformational level for the Earth and for others that are opening to Themselves. I love the empowerment it brings to all who experience it.
It truly is fun & it gives me great joy to do it! We can all learn to do this if we are interested enough.
My core drive is the unfolding of Absolute Freedom
for myself, and my passion is to share the Essence of that with anyone else who wants it.

I also love to share information and to clear the redundancies that keep people isolated from themselves and their Intrinsic Being. I love to facilitate true Integration and empowerment. I love to Inform through personal "tellings", analogies and shared energy transmission. I love to work and with and to teach the Laws of Resonance and Attraction, and the principals of Deliberate or Conscious Creation.


I "clear" consciousness, perception and emotion. I also do a lot of clearing of entities, and "dark" and dense energies -  restoring the balance, increasing the light and raising the personal vibration for individuals and on the planet generally. I have found realms and creations where we "hold stuff" that I have never heard referred to by other people. I love to find and clear these "intrusion" and am gratified and amazed by the power of these releases. [Actually "clearing and "healing" is  really the integration of experiences, beliefs, memories etc that we hold in separation].

I also receive and integrate new information and frequencies as they arrive on the planet, and share the experience of them with others. 

This is all to support us in fully actualising "The New Earth" - to enable us to fully realise and embody our god-self aspects - to become the god-realised divine beings we really are, and to create here on Earth from That Place. What fun! We are here to have fun and to enjoy the experience of it all. Most of us need to unlearn to do that.  A part of our experience here has been to experiment with polarities and the expression of negativity, and of how to "redeem" it by finding its intrinsic value. We have done that by finally allowing that contrast and difference is good, despite our personal preferences, and that all experience is expanding even at the human level, and will give us something beneficial if we are open to it.




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The most beneficial state we can come to in our search for wellbeing is to open to   our joy, spontaneity, creativity, sense of play.

Rediscovering our childlike innocence through wonderment, appreciation and joyous expectation is a key. When we fully experience the unobstructed flow of the life force through us we feel joy, bliss, ecstasy, love and "spiritual" expansion as it moves through the body. We are simply here to be joyous, to feel and share and express that joy by appreciating and enjoying ourselves and this amazing creation. 

We've made a wonderful playground, and somehow forgotten how to play in it! The job for now is for each one of us to remember what we've forgotten, to learn to be joyful, and to share that joy, and sharing it compounds it exponentially. Joy raises the vibration, and raising the vibration opens the door wider to the energy required for "the grounding of heaven on earth" - the re-creation of a joyful paradise for ourselves and each other [and all the beings of the Universe] to play in. 

Joy allows us to create with ease. And we are here to create that which brings us joy!

[Find something to appreciate now - truly, fully, deeply NOW & feel your heart fill and expand into your body with joy!  Allow your heart to embrace the Earth and all who live on her. Bask in the feeling for as long as you can. Do it often. You bless yourself and the whole of creation when you lovingly and joyfully offer your Attention.]


People ask how I came to do what I do

So, here is a short herstory for you!

As a child my family moved around a lot. I mostly lived on air force bases & I went to many different small catholic primary schools. I became very adaptable, but also very isolated. I thought I was doing fine. I had absolutely no idea that I was becoming a very clever emotional desperado in a dysfunctional family in a dysfunctional environment. When I was 12 we moved again and I went from a small college to a huge state high school and really lost the plot!

In my mid teens I began dulling the disconnection progressively with rock and roll, booze & sex and I was still doing it into my late twenties, with added extras! I still thought I was coping fine although I had no idea who I was, or how relate the way I wanted to, or how to live well. I was becoming increasingly anxious, depressed and alienated - all the while eating "health food", living an alternative lifestyle and and feeling like I was hanging onto the planet by my fingertips.

By 30 I knew I was lost and had to get found, fast!

I resolved to "Get Clear" - to come to a place beyond all illusion. To be of Absolute service. At that time I simply couldn't see any other point to life at all. I resolved to do whatever it took to get off "The Great Round" - to be free from the mandatory reincarnation cycle and so not have to come back to this planet ever again! [The irony is that by the time we get clear enough not to, and to know that we didn't have to, we are happy enough where we are not to care one one or another anymore. The Cosmic Joke is always delightfully on us!].

Fortunately I have always been interested in all things metaphysical, had a "spiritual" inclination and could [sort of] channel energy through my hands. I played with esoteric astrology, the I Ching, the tarot, runes etc - in fact all things New Age and came to the start of a appreciation of what it really was all about. I discovered reiki in the mid 80's, and very quickly got bored with it and wanted more.   I was switched on to the potential of energy in healing and wellbeing...

Having found a trickle I went in search of the Source! 

The journey brought me to home to myself, the cosmos and Everything, and has given me a very expanded view of It All.

I soon came to the explosive and wonderful world of cathartic rebirthing, living and learning at Australia's then premier rebirthing school, Living Waters [at Lawson in the Blue Mountains], for an extended period. I loved it! 
I loved the whole experience of becoming energetically open and of learning all about the
kundalini energies that had awakened in me. I discovered natural talents and skills I had no idea existed. I began to tame my empathy and sensitivity and appreciate and use them for the wonderful tools they are. I began to like myself and to learn how to let myself not be perfect!

Rebirthing is an amazing way to come to an understanding of how our feelings work - how we create and construct them and hold them in our bodies and our psyches. And of how we can free ourselves from the prison of non-beneficial [or negative] feelings and perceptions. In those days it was as if we used machetes to hack a clear path through the jungle - now we coast at speed along on a multi lane highway and achieve in moments what once took months of hard work!

The mid 90's found me enthralled by "energetic" kinesiology and the expanded potential of using intent in a constructed way as the initiator for change.
Being unable to find a teacher in the amazing field of energy & personal transformation
by intent, I studied neuro-linguistic kinesiology - a mix of kinesiology and neuro-linguistic programming - which taught me more about energy, feelings, perceptions & self "programming", and launched me into developing my own perspective and finding ways to work purely with Intent.

moving progressively into a well grounded and some what cynical view of all things dogmatically & hyperbolically new age - and an aversion to most associated products, which are, from my perspective, as useful and effective as flu injection or relics of saints as mechanisms for either  healing or enlightment!

Automic* Transformation

It was a short step from traditionally accepted healing methods to launching into what I dubbed "Metagetics". This  has evolved into a very effective system of instantaneous Automic* Transformation  - of "deprogramming" and "reprogramming" and deconstruction and reconstruction based entirely on the Absolute movement of energy in the quantum field, initiated by intent and allowing, which brings whole systems very quickly and effectively into harmonic resonance with the highest good and most beneficial expression.  The universe is holographic, and we are energetic expressions of multidimensional living consciousness in it. The metagetic system is effective through gene lines, holographic time and space, other lives, and alternative realms, realities, dimensions and beyond. Any healer is only as good as they are good at getting out of the way by being unattached to outcome...

I started to play deeply and [unseriously] joyfully  in the world of light, energy and and resonant frequencies for "healing" and self transformation.
As the work has developed, so have I...
I am now in conscious connection with many aspects of personal and collective "higher states of awareness" and express these through the transduction of
frequency and light codes, and the use of sound, resonance and light language to expand our connections with the Absolute...

Some of our experiential states are "god given" and Transpersonal and it lies in the hands of Divine Intervention to transmute the energies held in them, and so in us. Others are created by us, personally and collectively on the existential human level - and as such only we can  unravel them, as humans being. It's only in knowing the difference that we know where to seek and how to receive redemption...

By the grace of the energy we are now accessing the Expanded Metagetic System is now available to everyone by way of the Wondrous Metagetic Gateway. This is a very exciting evolutionary energy breakthrough!

For more on how "energy" works please check out About Light Energy.

* Automic Transformation [©]: subatomic, automated, automatic, self directed transformation in the quantum field, or creation matrix.

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