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  The Languages of Creation

   Light Language or Star Languages   


About Light Language

For most of us who have had some exposure to light language it has been as "speaking in tongues", "spirit tongue", or spirit language.  Some people  also call it angel-speak, or language of the soul. As the only contact I'd had with it prior to my personal experience was by way of the movies, it also always seemed to go along with rooms packed full of people, travelling preachers, "testimonies", mild hysteria and lots of falling down! 

I don't know what it was really like in the past, outside of Hollywood, but it is much more common now than it's ever been.  [Although it seems from what I can gather that a lot of what some people have experienced has not been the "real thing" up until now].
 I know that speaking in tongues and other manifestations of awakened kundalini were commonplace among the Quakers and Shakers [who travelled from Britain to the USA]. Kundalini "shaking" is how they got their names! [see Kundalini]

What I know about it NOW

Light language is a very powerful healing "modality" and a force for change. The energy that is transmitted through it can be immense, depending on the speaker. And I LOVE it!

It comes from the stars...from where we came from and still are. It comes from other aspects of self in other realms and times and places. From past Earth cultures and current Star cultures.

Many of us sing it, many speak it some do both, as do I. I love to sing it & I feel the "song energy" moving in me before the sounds come.
And I am here to prove that you don't have to have "voice talent" to do this!

I often understand the gist of the song - it's "gift" - as I sing, and I often get an almost direct translation of the sounds when they are spoken. Sometimes I just get the general "feel" of what it's about. And sometime I don't have a clue - I just "do" it as I'm moved to.

Some of what I love to do most is feel souls reform and worlds change and be created through the Sounds that come through.
I love to Sing a soul's journey and to feel what comes forth when a soul is sung, seen and expanded through Sound. These feel like the true Songs of Freedom! They bring the soul home.

Some people say the Languages can't be "understood" at all: that the meaning is always purposely hidden and that the energy itself delivers all the information we need to connect with. I believe that the meaning is hidden when it's in the Highest Good to keep it hidden, when the Languages serve to keep us beyond thought and the limits of perception and belief and opinion. They remain free that way and help us toward our own freedom by preventing us misinterpreting word concepts and needing to know. They make us FEEL and experience instead. We are sometimes limited by the concepts behind words, and sometimes we are be expanded by conscious knowing.

Some people say they have the "First" language, or the "original" creation language. To me that feels exclusive and divisory, like a religious person claiming theirs is the "Only True God"!
We have created here on Earth many "times" and in many levels, and in many languages. We have come from many realms to do that. There is no "first" - remember there is no "time" - there is only Now, and it's the Great Present/Presence that's celebrated in all the Languages, through the soul journeys of all individuating human beings.
We are all "First Spark" as soon as we understand enough to claim That We Are, and our diversity is our greatest blessing.
Universal Existence and the Great Game is based on paradoxes the spin eternally between the Macrocosm and the Microcosm, at all levels.
Only when we can stand free in the vortex between polarities, at the crossover point of the Infinity Symbol, at the eye of the cyclone, can we create something new.
At this point, too, we know that everything is true and nothing is true, and you can claim whatever you like - and it will be true for you.  It may however, be inherently limiting your vision. And if you sing with the intent to do so, you will see it all and set yourself free.

Activating Light Language

It often starts spontaneously, as it did with me, which can seem a little weird. Some people repress it and it goes away. It will come back if you open to it again. 

If you hear strange words in your mind, say them aloud  and write them down if you want to. You may feel moved to draw squiggly marks. You may feel "gibberish" sitting in your throat... let it become sound or song. Simply express it in whatever way you feel and your own journey will open into new realms.

Occasionally it comes with clear meaning & translation. [See Source Codes]. Usually it's in short single phrases if clear meaning is also given. Sometime you can get a sense off the general intent of the "message". For most of us, and most of the time, it doesn't translate easily, if at all. 

The language seems to have many different variations, with flavours some of which are identifiable as being of the ancient earth languages. Often when one dialect comes through, others follow. Some of us only ever speak with one 'strain'. 

Some I can identify by their sound, and can speak easily. Others are not so easy for me & some are just plain 'foreign', and I can't do them at all.

I am 'fluent' in Earth tongues that sound and feel like ancient Sumerian, Egyptian, pre-Maori/Polynesian, Baltic/Russian, Germanic, Mayan, Aztec, North American Indian, Chinese, Pygmy [much clicking] and a bunch of others I haven't a clue about. They all roll of the tongue, but are unfamiliar to the ear. Some are apparently Galactic. Some are plain weird. What they all l have in common is that they are all about moving energy - about bringing flow, and therefore healing, or about celebrating the flow and enhancing it.

I can also identify Atlantean & Lemurian by feel and context. And dolphin too - that one's pretty obvious!

And some voices seem to come through just to have fun, to sing & laugh rollickingly or contagiously, or to chatter, or make comment on what to those aspects of our perception must seem very novel to aspects of my consciousness that are still beyond the veil. If there's energy flowing, there always seems to be a voice that wants to play with it!

All the languages are powerfully healing. The sounds seem able to connect to and bring forth vast amounts of energy, and to amplify the intent to move into clearer spaces and consciousness - into higher vibration. The language is often associated with removing old, deep, deadening energy systems and intrusions in our fields, and things we can 'tag' or identify as 'entities'.

They can be powerfully shamanic in feel, or like high priests/priestesses, or creator gods attuned to very high light vibrations, or Archangels, or very galactic. The languages seem to be bridges for us to our 'higher' aspects.

And they seem to be 'catching' [like good viruses] - people open to light language or to new variations they haven't spoken before - simply by being around it.

It does often seem to require an activation to begin it - to 'turn it on' - then it spreads and increases. The more you do it, the more you get, and the more powerful you become in your ability to use it as a tool for healing yourself and others.

It can be turned on by toning. People tell me that they experience almost overwhelming  desire to speak aloud, but often they don't because they feel silly or don't know what's going to come out of their mouths.

It comes in meditation or other psycho-spiritual practices.

The more you practice it, the more you get.

You can activate it by reading the Source Codes aloud, and then practice being open to it by talking 'baby-babble' when you're alone. In the shower is a good place because the water enhances communication from behind the veils and with other aspects of your consciousness. Water conducts electricity, sound and light.

The language does seem to be a direct means of communication between ourselves, our other aspects and each other that is not weighed down by concept, context, story or personality. It is pure energy, pure sound, pure communication. It flows in and out of any and many other sounds, song and tones we might feel moved to make.

It is fun to use, sometimes delightful, sometimes moving, sometimes awesome and always beneficial.

It's not about learning anything or "correct" pronunciation. It's about getting comfortable and letting the sounds of the language your soul wants to speak come through you  into physicality as sound.
Play with it. Let go. Loosen up. Be spontaneous. Enjoy and experiment. Spirit is about having fun and connectivity - it's never about rules or getting it "right" or being "holy". It's about feeling "wholly" present to your self and feeling happy with your creative being.

I regularly feel moved to shift energy in public places, especially places like malls, or big gatherings, or in the city where there are lots of people and the energy is either dense or raggedy or stuck. The language  moves the energy into higher harmonics brilliantly. If you don't want people looking at you like you're a completely looney-tunes, I suggest you try singing it. Then they only think you're mildly eccentric because you sing in public - but because it's obviously a foreign language, then it's probably a cultural thing & they either smile and nod at you, or leave you alone. Too Good!

The other bonus is that if you have a voice like mine, people will have been telling you since you learnt to speak that singing is not a good idea for you, & that they would appreciate it if you'd stop.

I have however now found that when the energy is moving I can most surely make a very reasonable sound. Especially in bathrooms and other enclosed spaces.

I have found the secret - we may not be able to carry a tune or remember a note, but when the energy moves we can sound like our souls - we make our own music and we sound great. And the more we do it, the better we sound when we sing 'normal' The strangulating cat is laid to rest. Singing Light Language heals more than the focus of your intent.

I hold dear the moment when walking down a very nicely acoustic flight of stairs, singing away in light language and having a wonderful time, a man who had followed me down congratulated me on having such a beautiful voice. He was truly touched by it. As was I. I sounded awesome!

So if you've not been there yet, go play, and see what you can find on the other side of the veils....here's Fe's experience....

I have just looked at your website and it's great! I have printed off a whole lot of stuff to read at my leisure but I read the light language info and it is great - just what I need to hear!! I am speaking/singing it a lot more now, in groups as a whole and then I go around to each person and sing / speak to them. I also feel the urge to hold hands, to have that physical connection also. It is an awesome experience!! I feel it is also evolving as more sounds, so varied, come through. The other day I tuned into a magnificent old tree that was somewhere down in the valley below me, at Berowra, and the sound was different to anything I had heard before! I feel really drawn to sing light language in nature. Its so pure and clear! Thanks for helping me to feel "normal"!! Love Fe


Source Codes: Keys to The GateWays

The Source Codes were gifted by Tē Roku Manu (“The Centre of Light”). They were transmitted to me over a few months in 2002, a sentence or two at a time, with the “translations”. They are a gift to us & to our Children.

The Source Codes activate communication at a deep and profound level that most of us don’t currently have access to. This communication is not telepathic, nor is it empathetic. It is a “new” form of full body communication between beings, that can likened to an emanation or emission. It is the “emanation of self-ness” with which Crystal children communicate.

It is now time for this form of communication be fully activated to enhance the next phase of human spiritual and energetic evolution, connect us to the Joy of Being and to enable us to communicate more fully with the Crystal Children now coming onto the planet.

Source Codes activate our ability to emanate the vibration held within light language and to experience and express being and “being-ness” on a previously inaccessible level. It is a full body being-ness dance with All Life. It is energetic expressive interaction.  It is the language of the essential spirit, the language of light. It activates in adults the ability to “remember” and to speak in this Light Language.

The Codes create a welcome “mat” or vibration for the Crystal kids - helping them to assimilate & adjust to the energies here - you can read them as a welcome to those here - or to those coming.

They work on many levels: they actually came in for Crystals , but are great for all of us in that they help bring the Crystal vibration of Joy, Spontaneity & Compassion onto the planet & anchor it here.

The Codes will also help Indigo’s heal and open to a clearer, more mellow space. Use your intuition as to which statements might be most appropriate. The “welcome & thanks” bits are very effective here.

Speak them aloud, in bits, to yourself & to your Children.

Use them as a meditation.

They will help to activate your ability to use the Language of Light to raise your vibration, to self activate and to heal.

Did you pretend you could speak in foreign languages as a child & talk away? Do this till the words evolve into a dialect of light language and the speech become spontaneous. You will then begin to feel the energy on them.

Practice “babbling” - in the shower or the car or by singing as you walk.

This will help to stimulate the ability by activating the brain and toning the throat chakra.


Source Codes                          
From Te Roku Mana - the Centre of Light

This activation creates a “welcome mat” for New & "Crystal Children", and aids Indigoes & Starseeds in transition.
It opens us to Communication in Oneness & Light Language. It heals, activates and Creates new realities.


A - Ki  Ro - Ki  Soma - Ki  Ti-Ki  Ta - Ana - Pamé  Ki - Oru  Tuka

I AM at the Centre and from this point radiates all that I AM 

Ki - Oru  Ki - Mana  Pamu … Ro-Tiki  Khie

At the Centre is a space in which all was created.  (In which abides the power to create). I access that Centre


O - Ri  Kiri - Maa, Tehera  Mahina - Maa, Situ  Ko  Rama  Nehu  Fa -Té - Maa

 I AM at the Centre. All That Is emanates from here that I Am, and will open all hearts and minds to This That Is Truth - That Is All


Ki-Ri - O - Ma  Ti-Ki,  Nua - Ka  Kiri  O  Ti-Ka  Ti  Amu  Mana Ki-Ri - O  Tapu Tu - Mana

Where there is no movement here at the Centre I Am in creation. It is at this Centre that all movement is stilled. In this silence, this stillness I AM ALL.


Ki - Ri  O  Ti  Kana  Namu

This is the Gate to Eternity



O  Mana    Apu,  Ē  Mana  Ēpan,  Ki - Oru -Tuka


This is the Pathway to the other side of the Veils



Ki - Ora  Mu - Naa,  Tiki - Maa  Hanē  Tuo  Mata  Mea

We are at the edge of the change  


Ti - Ora  Ti - Ki  Moru

You work well [The work that you do is good]


Ti  Amu  Ki - Ora  Moru

The work that you are doing is greatly honoured and appreciated


Ki - Ora  Ti  Amu - Mia  La  Ti-Aran  Ki  Rana  Mia  Kara

When you are working it is to the benefit of all in the heart of the planet


Ro  Ti-Ki  Ko - Na  Mora  Méhu  

Si  Mana  Tempu,  Ki-Ri  Sofu,  Te Ana Mare-a  Méhu  Mara  

It is with great joy that we greet you and give welcome and thanks for your coming
and your offering. We put our foreheads to the floor [bow down before...]and greet the Light Bringers.


O  Ti - Oru  Namu,  Ki  Anara  Maru  Malia

Morea  Kela  Mara,    Félu Ka  Pama  Néma  Ratu

It is with the greatest of joy we welcome you here and we bring gifts from the Centre. 
Your Light is our Light: We share the same Light – that illuminates us all


Ti  Amu  Ti  Ana  Maru   

The Light that you bring is enclosed [lives within] in your hearts    


Ki - Ora   Kela   Maru   

Bring it forth    


Ti  Cara  Me - Apu,  Ti  Cara  Eh,  A - Ki  Ratu  Amé  Mia

For the first time many come. For the first time all come with the same mind and heart.


Ti  Amu  Moré.  Ki  Fatu,  Rai,  Ema  Cana  Moru

It is with great joy that we come to greet you


A  Ti  Amu-Man, Roku  A-Kiri-Ma,  Leama  Marani  Ma

For the time is now approaching when the doors will open and all that is known will pour forth illuminating those who seek


Kria  Arbé  Ti  Amu  Kela  Re-Atu,  Mea  Kané  Et  Ma  En  Topé  Aren-Ēssus,

Kia  Moru  Et  Tu  Maé  Mara,  Si  Mara,  Ko  Sera  Fiara  Ketu  In  Mona  Marē

When it is time for all the people to come together there will be great rejoicing, and all will know that the work that has been done is of the most beneficial


Té  Kira  Té  Manu

At the Centre of Light


Ki-A Ti  Mana  Mia

There is a place where I dwell


Pia  Et  Tu  Vara,  Mon  Maré  Qi-a  Va-Ria

It is at this centre that the vortex for change is created


A Mané  Fea,  Te  Kela  Far  Ramé,  Fana  Fea,  Baa  Mara    Faria

Through this vortex all will be taken in right timing.
 It is only with the correct alignment of hearts and minds that this can take place


Ki  Ora  Et  Manu  Fata

We are with you in the change


Kiri  Tia  Moru  Et  Namu

Being is the centre and the edge


Tu  Arté  Ti  Amu  Cara

You are at the centre of my heart


En  Ansé  Qi-a  Ru,  Ama  Ki  Atu

Your knowing is through the doorway that is waiting for you

Source Codes: Keys to the Gateways. © Shely Mort 2002 _______________________________________________________________________

You are welcome to duplicate & pass on these pages in any manner, as long as the origin is acknowledged.

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