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Lightwork & LightBeing


About Lightworkers?  

We are a diverse lot: we have many different lifestyles, interests and occupations. Your lawyer, GP, grocer, electrician, printer, neighbour, or the hippy down the road may be a lightworker. Some well know movie personalities and celebrities are lightworkers. Even some politicians.... We ride motorcycles, play music, sing, go to the pub, hanglide, and party with the best of them. And some of us don't. Some are isolated in their lightwork, and some are well networked. Some work behind the scenes and some are very "out there".

We are of all nations, ages and backgrounds and form an international network by association. We have no rules and no creed.

You will know if you are one - and you are one if that is your desire.

Lightworkers all have the Highest Good as their hearts intent. All would define themselves as spiritually aware and spiritually open. We encompass many levels of awareness and proficiency in working with energy and light.

The clearer a person is, the more light they can access. Most lightworkers are on a path of spiritual growth and evolution. Some are taking a holiday. Some are not awake yet, and some are in denial. 

Lightworkers have associations and commonality with the new age movement, as well as with many other spiritual disciplines. 

We form an interconnecting, amorphous international community and are generally tolerant of one another's idiosyncrasies. We encompass many beliefs, and choose to simply allow that with which we do not resonate - we are all growing in awareness and openness and knowing. We prefer to allow others to be wherever they are on their individual path, without judgement. The words "It's all good!" make a very light-filled phrase, although it's not an invitation to complacency. 

Life is full of paradoxes, dichotomies and apparent contradictions. We are here to learn from it all, to learn to enjoy and allow it all, and to come to a space where we can observe ourselves and the world with equanimity, acceptance and an open, undefended heart.

Generally, we seek clarity, self empowerment and higher states of consciousness, in all it's forms. We accept that healing and growth  needs to take place on all levels - spiritual, emotional, mental and physical -  in a balanced and harmonious way. We have many differing opinions and ideas on how that's best accomplished - and all accept that in the end it's down to the individual's own preference and choice. 

We generally accept that we are responsible for our own choices, life conditions an states of being. And that these are conditioned by our thoughts, beliefs and perceptions. Most of us are improving everything by our intent and our expanding awareness as to how we have created what we now have, collectively and individually.

We mostly all want to be the best, most aware, most conscious we can be. We acknowledge that what any one of us does or thinks affects us all, and that a single conscious, aware creator is far more effective that a million sleeping ones! We would like us all to wake up please!

We generally acknowledge and work with

The Law of One  - that what affects one affects all. We are one of Many, and many of One.

The Law of Attraction  - that like attracts like - that you get and become what you think about and focus on, and you get more of what you are preoccupied with. What you resist persists and where your focus goes, grows.

and more and more we are coming to understand that by using

The Law of Conscious Creation - we can affect everything by learning to hold the appropriate feeling, vibration, attitude, though-field. We are here to experience being creators. We are here to expand ourselves to learn to master this ability in a 3 dimensional, apparently solid, matter filled "reality".

All lightworkers have conscious access [or are developing it, or wanting to] to light and energy, whether in meditation, healing or other deep states. Some lightworkers are predominantly people "healers",  some are "planetary healers" [directed life force, by its very nature, heals] some work in the grids of personal, planetary, or galactic consciousness. Some work interdimensionally. Some are connected to dolphin or whale energies. Many do all of the above, and all work with universal consciousness [God Consciousness] & Source energy [life force energy] at some level. Some have past life recall. Some are enlightened. All are on the path to Self realisation and God Realisation. We are at many different levels of vibration and consciousness. The higher your vibration, the more awareness you have.

We acknowledge, and many experience, that there are interdimensional, multidimensional and galactic beings of light, that offer their assistance and love to us here at this time.  Many of us communicate with and work with these beings and consciousnesses. There is much interest in this Shift, and in Earth's progress in this undertaking, any many help us to hold the light and facilitate the process. What happens here effects the whole galaxy, indeed the whole universe, at this time. We are raising the playing field. 
We become more aware as we evolve that we ourselves are indeed multi-dimensional beings of light and many aspects, and that our conscious experience is only the tip of our being.

We accept that we are vibrational beings - we are energy - we are consciousness in form. The veils are getting thinner all the time, and more and more of us are peeping through them - from both sides! 

If we are lucky and have lightworker communities or families to play in, and we get to play with light together as we expand in love and joy. We like to work with energy, and to play with it. The 'work' can be serious or fun. We like to party and play with energy, we like to share it, and to do sessions as exchanges with one another. We heal each other and ourselves, and we share and grow and enlighten one another constantly. 

Some of us are still isolated and feel alone. Some of us still feel like we are the only one in our town or city. Ask to be connected in - your highest aspects are with you on this. Put in your order and hand it over. Put out some feelers, use the internet to find people. Check out Yahoo groups. Look for events in your local area that have a spiritual flavour, Lightworkers seem to gravitate to one another - there's someone home who wants to connect with you. Lightworkers hug.  You will be guided and the synchronicity & serendipity will astound you. 
We are a growing multitude creating home, and we are waiting for you to come home too. We feel the light, we know it from forever, and we are home in it.


This is an email exactly as I received it from Jay in Sydney in 2006

Hi Shely how are you? I am very good with a lot happening at the moment! Sometime ago i asked you the meaning  of  some symbols , numbers and ancient language i have been downloading through Automatic Writing  the past year but i wasn't sure what i was and why i was doing this....

They were a mix of mathematical equations, ancient language and Symbols that i never saw in my all life!

It was scary at first, as i think lots of people will also find it. Thoughts go through your mind saying :

What is happening?  am i going nuts? what is all this ? And why ME? what is the purpose of all this?

So through this wonderful book called  The lightworkers Companion by Amanda Guggnheimer ,Published in Australia,  tell us all  the processes and "symptoms" of ascension.  Plus  i integrated a lot of the frequencies from your website also.

One of the Symptoms is apart the body sensations, changes in life style and diet, is that you start to really harbour light into your body and you start to share the frequency around, conscious or unconsciously!

It also allow you to start taping on the frequency of light, sound  and  Sacred Geometry.

So i just realized that is that what is happening. Not only with me but MANY people

So if a lot of people out  there  are going to the same process i would advise then to jus t get pen and paper when they feel the urge and just start drawing and writing whatever is coming to then wether is symbols , Ancient/Alien Language and numbers, because that is the sign the you are taping into the source!  And it has a very healing efect too.

So i just thought in share this experience and tell people out there that we are all doing this , and the more people known that there are many other people doing the same , we come to realize that we are consciously now  bring new frequencies to the planet through  Meditation, Crystals, connections with Angels, Ascended Masters, Automatic writings, Paintings, music, Crop Circles. It is just endless! And we are getting a lot of support for it.

Feel free to pass this on if you wish as i think it would be very helpful to lot of people.

Light , Love and Blessings!

Until next time....


If you are interested in my take on what's the most relevant thinking and beneficial attitude, thought and activity around at any time, I invite you to check out my e-group LightN-ing and receive regular emails.

There's also something about my personal lightwork at Shely ~ Te'En.
My own work also expresses itself through healing [
Transcend]- I am an open light conduit and channel for higher consciousness.

The following pages are full of information and lightwork. Using the processes will expand your consciousness and raise your vibration. All of them will bring healing where appropriate or beneficial as part of the process. Some just need to be read. Others need to be used - the more you use them, the faster and further you will progress. Please enjoy.



Light Language  - information, as activation, healing and meditation ~ Source Codes

Running Energy
- learn how, information, activating new frequencies

~ Information & downloads

Seedings ~ The Blue Magdalene [Venus] Crystal Seeding; Enlightenment Seeding

~ The Christos, High Spin States

New Energies ~ The Wahiera: The Awakened Ones 



Always run energy through your heart. It's your safely valve. If you run energy through other chakras you can create 'attachments' or cords to other people. And that is not beneficial to anyone. Lots of healers do it, so get clear now!

Hold space that is non-judgmental, detached and objective. You need to know that whatever you are creating or aligning with your intent  is in the highest light, for the highest good, and to be open to accepting the outcome, even if your personal preferences may not necessarily seem to be concur!

How we know what is really aligned with our highest good ...[bearing in mind here that the highest good on the individual & the collective levels is always aligned? The collective is never served when individual suffers - each is ALL - we all individual aspects of are a single consciousness. We are all God. You are your neighbour. We are all mirrors for one another. It just may not feel like it most of the time! ] 

It is apparent from watching people work with energy that they are unconsciously or inadvertently creating attachments and cords to their clients. 
And some who channel don't realise that the highest good they have called upon isn't necessarily what's being delivered -  some beings seem to think that their version of the highest good is THE Highest Good! Sometimes what is channelled is beings who THINK they are the real deal or the highest aspect. [Archangels etc] and some simply pretend they are from mischievous or malicious intent! 
And If you channel or are clairaudient or clair-anything you should know how many entities, beings and busy-nesses there out there all waiting to be helpful or to be entertained! Most are not actually  malicious in any way, but we don't want the distractions and time wasting at this point in our evolution. We need to keep the ball in play. 

So, this is how to keep it clear.

First thing is - define EXACTLY what you want - set your parameters, then state that are PERMANENT and pre-programmed  until you change it or upgrade it yourself. 

Go to your
Highest Self aspect that is "Next to God
" - that is the highest aspect in your creation - in YOU -  in your Soul as Expanded Being - that has individuated consciousness and can communicate with you as human consciousness through your knowing, intent or intuition. You can't think this out - we have no words for these concepts - you need to get a feel for this work. We have many levels of consciousness - many Higher Selves - go for the Apex. Your personal Zenith. The point where it all comes together. Nexus. God at first point of individuation that is part of your own creation. [By this I mean  everything you as Creator have ever been or experienced or known, in any incarnation or aspect of consciousness, corporeal or otherwise, in any Universe or reality. I am asserting that we are all creators of our own realities, of our own experiences, for our own differing purposes and intents at different levels of our awareness.. You may only be aware of a very small part of your play, but you are creating one!]

Make the assertion that from this point on all that comes to you in the form of communication or energy or information, must come to you through the filter of that Highest of Light in Source.  Command that ALL that you are in communication with, whether channelled or intuited, come to you through the over-seeing of that Highest Aspect. That includes all your own other aspects and all that emanates from you to other beings or levels of your own consciousness.   

And that all you attempt to do or succeed in doing in your energy work, in every breath you take & in every aspect of your consciousness, come under that same discernment. Command that all of that be aligned with the Highest Good, with the Universal Law of One, in the Light of One. That way you are ensuring that no harm come come to you or from you. Consciously render yourself harmless. State that if you EVER attempt to heal or do any other light work that is not so aligned, that it be rendered null & void - a non-happening. This will greatly alleviate the self-trust issues we all have, both toward our own best intentioned efforts & the need to trust that which comes to us. This will enhance your discernment.


Dealing with Entities

I'm putting this in because it's really important & really largely ignored by healers, or not handled very well. It's also not an area to muck around in, except superficially, if you're not confident about what you're doing. 

If you are in doubt, have your field cleared by someone who really knows their stuff.

I see so many people with entities that are wreaking havoc - and it can be very difficult  to clear the ones that do the most the damage. Many people I see have had "removal" within the last twelve months, and sadly it hasn't been very successful! I find stuff that's been there for a long time. They can lead to lots of disturbing states, including depression, feelings of being "cut off from spirit', and illness.

 Also be aware that fear of them attracts them - fear always attracts that which is feared - it's part of Natural Law.

It's really important, because you'll never be or feel completely clear and well till you do get clear of interference. The best way to stay clear is to stay  Connected In. This keeps your light flowing and stops most interference. Think light and moths - keep the light moving and clear your lower chakras - get the fear of survival out of you. 

An effective way to stay clear till your ka body gets strong is to use the phrase; 
Nua-Ka  Nua-E  Kuo-A [pronounce it Kwo-A]

Say it three times. It creates a strong positive field of high vibration that forces anything of lesser vibration to leave or pass right through. That effectively clears your aura and the area around you. But it won't remove the really deep ones that have become part of your energy field. It all clears space - you can clear your house, room etc regularly, and use it if you're feeling vulnerable. 
[This is from
the book Words of Power, by Jan and Wal - it's a great way to get started using light language, See also Source Codes]

Removal can be tricky because parasitic entities often need to be tagged [identified], unless you're just doing a general 'sweep', which gets rid of the 'easy' ones. Some entities actually jump on because they are looking for someone who can release them. They're like hitchhikers.

Some of them have been with us for a long time. Some have come into being over lifetimes, or been with us for lifetimes. Some we have contracts with. Some are very malevolent, jump onto us because we are high in ungrounded light and eventually make us sick. They can be tricky  and very well hidden. Some will pretend to be gone.....will slip away at the hint of exposure....offer up other entities in their stead. And some pretend to leave, and only go as far as the astral plane in your aura and come back again when the coast is clear! 

Some you've had for so long you miss them at some level, and by energetic habit invite them back....and some are buried so deep you won't let them go till you're ready. And sometimes another soon jumps on to take it's place because something jolts you open to it.

The simplest way I know to clear entities is to tune in and ask for those benevolent beings who have mastery in this area,  and who come under the Law of One,  to remove them with ease and grace. This gets rid of a lot of hangers-on. If you are not sure about any being who offers assistance, call on your highest self to help & command that anything that is not aligned under the Law of One leave your presence! 

Some energy systems are like entities too.......and can be as hard to identify and remove. 

If you feel you may benefit from removal of dense energies that seem resistant to your intent, please contact me personally, or approach someone else you know who really is competent.

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