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hold your fingertips or the
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Hello Wondrous One ~ Welcome to the New Reality!


You Are Home!

Many a Shift has happened - we are way past the point of no return - and we are moving ever more fully into this New Reality.

We are surrounded by the blessings of all things!

We are Awakening!

We are Celebrating the Power of Joy... spontaneously, creatively, connectedly, openly, receptively...

April 2011 - We are about to attain a whole new level of mass awakening! - Just to let u know :-)
Keep blessing & embracing & trusting the process!

In June we reached critical mass  with people living consciously with open hearts.

More at This New Energy >>>



For the VERY LATEST in new energy technology,
experience the Wondrous
  Metagetic Gateway

It's All Taken Care of Already!

We all have come forth to feel as good as we can feel – to have the most fun that we can have & to share the most joy that we can. To feel joyful is the most spiritual & most useful thing you can do on the planet today.
To do this & to feel good about yourself and your children is the very best thing you can do for them!

We create our best possible future by happily accepting how great our personal and collective world is as we come into absolute alignment with our own magnificent dreams, desires & visions.
It is then that we see “miracles” and feel even more joyous!

We create these miracles with our appreciation of the things we enjoy & our focus on them; with our refusal to take ourselves & the world too seriously; with our recognition that the glass is always overflowing [even when we can’t see it yet] & that everything is taken care of already.
We create best with our laughter & the smiles we give away & our knowing that...
bountiful munificence this way comes!


The information in this site is by no means exhaustive, and the more I write, the more there is to tell and to share! I have been adding to it for years some of it is new and some of it is possibly not so "new"...The energies are moving very quickly, so take what you resonate with and feel to expand into, and leave the rest.
For some of the latest energy news, subscribe to "
LightN-ing" my email newsgroup. I send the very current stuff out there & do what I can to keep this site up to date... sort of....  I may be on the way to writing the book... I'll keep you posted!

My intention with this site is to inform and to provide ways for you to be empowered in your own process of raising your consciousness. If that concept appeals to you, you are indeed Coming Home!  The information on this site will be experienced at many different levels. 

*** Please visit the Self Expansion page, and if you do nothing else, practice the Connecting In exercise there on a regular basis. This will keep your energy bodies strong and clear, raise your vibration on a daily basis and go a long way to keep you of entities and  other interference.  
To support your journey to Paradise Earth, use the
GateWay of Light Discs ~ work directly with consciousness and the 5th Element.
Also see the
Abundance Page - access new Codes of Creation & manifestation there.

If you wish to keep up with the latest information from me, either channelled by me or passed on from others,
please join
LightN-ing for sort of sometimes updates &/or find me on facebook...

If there are activations or processes on the site that you feel you aren't "getting" for some reason, please persevere or call me for a short
session. You will receive much in a very short time.

You are welcome to duplicate & pass the content of these pages in any manner, as long as origin & copyright is acknowledged.  
I will be adding to the site on an ongoing basis, so please check back.
There is still more coming on working with the energies, symbols for transformation, the power of intent, and conscious creation.

  • Creative living is powering into reality as so many are looking for the key to rich, fulfilling living and being.  The answer ... the key ... is to playfully surrender who you think you are and dive with gleeful abandon into this wondrous new becoming.  The more of us that are willing to embrace and live this sourceful, new, creational beingness now, the sooner everyone gets to dance within its magical reality. Soleira Green

  • True spirituality is fun. Very big fun. Joy is probably a better word; bliss perhaps even better. If your spiritual path is not leading you on a path of joy, I would suggest that it's perhaps time to start shopping around. I have come to the understanding (and it has taken a lot of sorrow to get here) that experiencing joy is the most spiritual thing that one can do in the course of their day. Joy is infectious. It changes and charges the very air that you walk through. It lightens the hearts of those around you. And in these troubled times I can think of no better healing energy to saturate the Earth with. Joy! Why not take a few moments during each day just to pause and think of something that makes you very happy? Try it. You'll like it. It might even become a habit. Simon Hunt


Us as Source Manifesting

We have had crucial and Wondrous energy shifts in mid July of 2006 and since.
See the NEW pages on this site for more...

We are evolving & the changes are reflected in our bodies & in our DNA. We are becoming conscious on energetic & on physiological level of aspects of our being that we were not previously aware of as a species ......we ARE GOD ALSO! WE ARE THAT!..... I AM THAT I AM. 


And we are activating new "lighter" bodies to go with our spiritual, or "cosmic", "enlightenment". 

We are now in charge of our own destinies & learning what that means & how to best serve our personal - [which is also, as dictated by the Law of One, our collective] highest good, with that knowing: once we were "programmed", we are now becoming the programmers.  


Link here to view the most simple, succinct, accurate overview of what is happening to Human Consciousnesses that I have seen anywhere. It comes from Beacons of Light newsletter.


I work with the energies, vibrations, codes, resonances, tones etc that facilitate express and support these changes.
I receive new codes which activate the DNA, and I then pass this information on to others energetically, as felt vibration or sound resonance. I do this as a healer, in personal sessions and gatherings. [The passing on of coded information as sound through speech, toning, resonance, singing, music, and light language can be called "sonic alchemy".]
People have previously referred to the ability to heal as "God's doing..."; now, we are god manifesting by doing, creating a new world. This is new stuff on the planet.... we are moving beyond healing, into the instant manifestation of new being and expression on all levels.

This is not what we have previously understood from teachings that guide us towards a mystical "out there" experience. This is inside us - physically in the centre of out earthly being - our human form. It's in our opening heart centre, not our minds or heads. It's not vision - it's being - experience as here, NOW. Put your hand on your heart, breathe & open to something wondrous & expanding as you do: feel the joy. Allow the flow - RECEIVE!

Consciousness is getting an upgrade, & the "best minds" are missing out! 
We can't take this step with the mind, by thinking "about" it and using thoughts made in our heads - we are going beyond mind, into intuitive being/consciousness - conscious being/conscious open heart space- we are blending the mind with the body/feelings - expanding into the conscious feeling bodymind, using "hyper communication"  - to experience ourselves as an individuated meta - consciousness. The Oneness is expanding into a new form of consciousness.


Individuated Connective Consciousness

All That Is has not been this/that before...and becomes that, and is already that as we are experiencing it newly NOW. As we transcend the duality we do not go back to the Oneness, or to the realms from whence we came - we are creating a New Individuated Connective Consciousness... it is within us - go there and touch your spark... merge with the new body/consciousness that is there already formed and waiting for you to step into...step out of that which was - all your old beliefs and patterns and accept the morphing of all that you are into all the You ARE.

Feel it instead of trying to analyse it or think it out..... it's not in the words.... there are no words for this - it's in the energy - feel it - become it - RECEIVE IT!! *** 


It's All About Receiving

The key to the New Energies is Opening and RECEIVING. It is VERY simple. It is so easy many are missing it. Give up the struggle & the work. Receive and allow.

The harder you work, the harder you get to work! The more you struggle, the more there is to struggle over. As you focus your energy on it, you make more of it!!! Whatever it is, wanted or unwanted.

Release every belief that no longer serves you - release all the old limited & fear based thinking - release the illusion. 

Just know what is you want & OPEN to it. The doorway is in your HEART - learn to expand your heart with JOY... and RECEIVE...
Everything you want is already there, waiting for you, just outside your perceptive "reality". As soon as your heart/soul/body wanted it, it was created. 
RECEIVE now & allow it to become manifest ... whatever your heart desires... health... love... abundance... peace... time... expansion... adventure... freedom... RECEIVE...

More about the New Body, Individuated Consciousness, Manifestation, and the 5 Etheric Elements at Expanding >>>


Gateway of Light
Energy Discs

Gateway of Light
To feel the energy of the G
ateWay of Light simply
"tune in" or hold your fingertips, or the centre of your palm, 1 - 3 cm above the symbol. Tune in as if you were listening with them... 
You can find out more about these amazing Miracle Discs on the
Product Page

When you purchase three packs of GateWay of Light discs you will receive one extra pack FREE. That's $22 value & you'll have enough discs to use for everything you want, and to give as presents too!  
Extra BONUS!
Each GateWay of Light pack now also includes one
Abundance Activator - I feel very abundant & wish to share it! 

We are in a unique time

Many of us have chosen a spiritual path and have a desire to "ascend", or at least ensure that we don't have to come back to earth again. Some wish for an end to our fear & suffering and our witnessing of the same on the planet. The reality is, that it's your very fear and suffering, and fear of suffering,  that hold you here. So the work is to clear ourselves and our energy bodies: to raise our vibration. To create and anchor The New Earth.

The paradox is that the clearer you get, the more you come to like it here & the less you crave release! By the time you're clear enough not to have to return, you really won't mind either way any more. And then you have choice!
Resistance is that which holds everything where it is!

Every truth understood, and every step up the ladder of consciousness, involves the resolution of a paradox in some form, which you will come to understand more and more as you do the work of Getting Clear. My intent in creating this site is to inform the process of clearing and enlightenment in a practical, down to earth manner and to provide some signposts on the way of Self healing. We are called to become healing and self actualised. To re-create ourselves according to our desire, using our joy as our blueprint.

We are in the process of actualising what we originally came here to do.

We are bringing together all that has been lost or separated, reuniting with ourselves and our "tribes" or soul groups. We are healing and clearing and letting go of all experience and beliefs that no longer serve our highest expression. We are bringing that which has been distorted back into alignment with the Originating Centre of Light. We are moving out of the influence of the laws of karma, and into the Law of Grace, where energy energy expands exponentially. All of us are affected and raised up by the clear intent of those who are working to Lighten the World. Every one who clears something does it for everyone. We are in the Shift,  we are creating heaven on earth, we are ascending. We are creating with the New Energy NB: We have now "Done It" - the Shift has happened and we are now getting used to living in this New Reality. More at This New Energy >>>

We are coming home to ourselves and our potential. We are beginning to recognise ourselves as Creator Beings, and as the Ones we have been waiting for. It is an exciting journey. I am delighted that you have called in here on your way!

The site is designed to be useful both for those just awakening to the new energies, and for veteran lightworkers. Much of what you will find here is coded [you will get energy & information downloads from reading it], so be open to receiving and to expanding your light. That is what we are here to do. We came to learn to create - we are now learning once again to do it deliberately - to create the world we want. 

We have learnt well how to suffer through our creations - we now need to remember how to rejoice in them! How to create conditions that give us feelings of expansion and joy. To become self-realised, and god-realised. To remember who and what we are.

Whether you're just exploring or experimenting with lightwork, or  consciously integrating new activations and codes into your experience, my hope is that you'll find lots on this site that is unique and pleases you. 

I offer it All up in wonder and awe at where we have been, where we are going and why we are all here now! Please enjoy your meanderings.

Take what resonates for you and leave the rest for someone else.

We are all in different places, ready for different information at different levels. If you are just beginning to feel that all is not as it has always seemed,  and as you have been taught, you are not crazy, no matter what your family and friends might tell you. The veils are thinning and we are travelling a new highway. Trust your perceptions and your feelings and see where they take you! The rabbit hole is deep and the adventure is wondrous indeed! Where you lead others will follow.
Many lightworkers are waking up, so I've chosen to share some of what I've learnt directly working with energy, and through being blessed with a strong community to share with. Many  people tell me they are feeling isolated and in need of some practical guidance and information, because they haven't found their people yet. Many are asking how they can help and heal themselves. 

All who have been doing this a long time have much to share and still some to learn..

A few years ago my friends and I were all doing this work very much on the basis of faith. We felt things, we felt we knew things, we got "messages" from galactic and other beings, we started to speak in light language, we saw stuff as we were working with energy, we heard our inner voices.... So we decided there were only two possibilities - either we could trust our perceptions, or we were making it all up and had completely lost the plot - were in fact stark raving crazy! 

We decided that the only attractive, expansive option was to go with the flow, and to accept that the world was changing and so were we! At least we were having fun, and were in good company. Now we look back and see the development. 

The energy we had believed we were directing became very palpable and absolutely streamed through us and out our hands. It was undeniable. We could close our eyes when working together in a healing session and our movements would synchronise. And our toning was in the same note instantly & simultaneously! We could share our experience and we had the same information. We were doing synchronised healings on groups of people and it 
was powerful. Some people could see light surrounding us and coming out of our hands  with their eyes open. We were either all sharing a huge delusion or it was ALL real - and if we were all sharing delusions we'd all become fully telepathic, so it was all real anyway!

So if it's what you want, trust where you are and trust your experiences, and find places to share them, and expand your perceptions further.

And Sing lots!    Your soul song is waiting for you to voice it!    Let yourself go!   Enjoy! 


A few signs to navigate by

~ Claim your limitations and they are yours!

~ You are your beliefs

~ Your perceptions dictate your reality

~ Your perceptions are only limited by your beliefs

~ Your beliefs dictate your reality

~ What you focus on you get more of....

~ Ask and it is given  [if you can't see it coming, ask for your resistance to be made clear - and yes, it may well be unconscious] 

~ You came here create - learn to do it well: to do it by design, not by default

~ Your joy is your light. Be guided by it!

CALENDAR - see what's coming!


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