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Information is coming in the form of activations and I've included them there.


Activations are lightworker-speak for initiations.  They are like deekshas in Sanskrit or baet to Muslims
They can feel huge and intense and have you wandering around for days in a blissful state; you sit, be Present, and generally feel that something wonderful and profound has transpired, even if you're not quite sure of what is was at the time.

They can be momentary - a quick input or download of coded information. 

We call them downloads because when they happen that's what they feel like.  Especially early on in our awakening, or during other intense periods of collective, planetary or energetic activity or personal initiations. We can sometimes feel instantly 'tired' - exhausted - can't stand up or keep my eyes open for another minute - wiped out. 

So you lie down. For twenty minutes [this time is common] you're out of it - not really fully asleep, but definitely switched into another brain state altogether. if you tune in to what's happening you can almost see the codes flashing as they're being

Often we are awakened in the wee hours and the clock often has a notable number on it - like 2.22am, or 4.34 - you will be wide awake - a download starts - you drift off into another state - you come back - its now 4.54! You notice the numbers and realise you've had an activation. You may feel like something's being inserted into your skull - may see symbols or colours or experience frequencies running through you  or body or out your hands.

[Just make sure at all times that you are only open to communicating with appropriate and beneficial energies and beings by making the decree that "I am only open to, and will only communicate with, beings that are 100% aligned with the highest good under the Law of One. Any being or energy that is not so aligned must leave my presence now. " If beings are not here in your highest good, they have no choice but to leave when you say so. The Law governs all beings, whether they act under it or not. You do, & you will is sacrosanct. Once you define your parameters they are set till you change them. Be aware and be responsible.]

Sometimes you can feel the activation in your head or body as the chakras are affected. Your scalp may 'crawl', or your brain feel like it's expanding. Or you may have odd sensations in your head or chakras - the head, heart ones and hand & throat ones are most common.

Sometimes they just take moments. Some take longer. And we can, and do, pass them from one to another of us as shared information. We don't all get the same thing at the same time. Some of us can pass things along, and pick up codes that other people have, simply by our intent to do so. Sometimes we know we have 'something' for someone else and when we focus on that energy runs between us.

Some of us have never thought of doing any of that and may want to start opening up to that; and some aren't at that level yet. But we can all get there.

This is an ongoing process of activation of dormant DNA. The more activations you have, the more DNA is turned on, the more you can experience and bring in, the more activations you'll get etc...the process is exponential.

It requires commitment, openness, radical trust, discernment,  imagination, acceptance, allowing, faith, responsibility, a sense of adventure and a deep desire to grow and evolve in every way. To be the best you can be, and to be of the greatest Universal service by being fully connected to and flowing your joy - your True Essence..

A lot of the information on this site is coded.

All the activations and processes are - like the ones on the Heal Yourself page. So is a lot of the information - you'll 'get it' as you read. You may feel it as tingling, shivers, or other sensations in the chakras. You may see colours or patterns or grids.

Or you may just 'know' you're getting something.


Mostly activations are very pleasant, interesting, or you really don't notice much. Joy, bliss, warm feelings etc are common, which is nice. 

Sometimes when the activations are intense we can feel a little squiffy or off - a little nauseous or headachy - it passes. This is especially true of ones that change the genetics. They can be intense.

Activations are causing the physical sensations as the chakras stretch & open further. Which also involves sloughing off that which constricts. All very healthy.
Make the command/statement that only that which is beneficial comes to you. State that you are only open to that which is 100% aligned in the Light and Law of One [highest good of All - which includes you - as dictated by your own Highest manifestation which functions in realms & Universes where discernment & choice are offered - i.e. you as God in this Universe].
And that whatever is so aligned & beneficial to you you accept willingly & fully, with ease and grace in all of your creations. And that you release, in all your creations, all that is not so aligned as is appropriate & beneficial.
Reaffirm that whenever you feel inclined, until you KNOW it's set for all time, as your personal truth.

The discomfort will pass faster if you run some of the healing frequencies you'll find on the Running Energy page. The earth/axiatonal one is good for settling in new frequencies and getting over any reaction - it feels like you're having a bit of a detox, and that could well be the case.

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